slide milling

red dot optic cuts

Trijicon RMR/SRO/Holosun 507c optic cut.
All standard and full size Glock models:


**LEAD TIME - 10 DAYS (w/o Refinishing) & 14 DAYS (w/ Single Color Cerakote)**

Why Choose Roman Arms?

Roman Arms is one of the few factory-certified remote certification facilities. This means that we are tasked with providing factory training and certification to business owners across the nation.

We also believe in always continuing to improve our craft. As such, we return to NIC Industries approximately every year and a half. This allows us to collaborate with the creators of the products we apply. We can remain at the cutting edge of innovative techniques and products offered. In October 2019, Roman Arms became the first Certified Applicator to earn “Elite Team” status from NIC. And in October 2020, RA became the first official site for Certified Applicator Training to be offered in the United States other than NIC’s hub in Oregon.

When you select Roman Arms, you are getting over seven years of experience and a female and male perspective on every project. We often joke that we see colors differently.

While no finish is impervious, we guarantee our work against chipping, cracking, or flaking off. We can educate you on the best coating for the job.

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